Bringing ultrafast broadband to all of Stambourne

County Broadband launched their Fibre to the Premises broadband offer to Stambourne at a village meeting which was well attended. Their proposal has significant benefits to the village on three major points:

1. They plan to build a fibre network across the whole of the village – rather than just along Cornish Hall End Road which Gigaclear are proposing

2. They will be building a network capable of delivering speeds of 1,000 Mbps rather than being restricted to 80Mbps which the BT network is limited to, and

3. They are offering a free installation service – as compared with BT (£60) or Gigaclear (£230)

The increased speed is very relevant as everyone’s broadband use is continuing to grow and this will future proof the whole village for decades to come. In fact Zoe Napier, a local estate agent claims that having fibre broadband to your home can add as much as 10% to the value of your house when compared with BTs current fibre to the cabinet offer. Furthermore County Broadband’s monthly tariffs are cheaper than both BT and Gigaclear for similar products.

However in order for the project to start, County Broadband need a certain number of pre-orders to minimise their risk. Remember this is a significant infrastructure project which will cost County Broadband hundreds of thousands of pounds so they need to know there is a minimum number of people that want the service before they commit to starting the project. They are therefore asking people to commit to taking the service once they have built it, and they will commit to building it within 12 months, and you won’t have to pay for anything until they have built the network and connected your property.

They are also offering a free installation for the first few who pre-order the service and there is still availability for these free installations, so with this offer it means you can get connected to the best most secure and fastest broadband for FREE – but you will need to hurry!

All the information you require about the Stambourne broadband project can be found on the County Broadband website where you can also pre order your service online too. They also have a team of people on the end of the phone on 01376 562002 ready to answer any questions you may have.

There are significant benefits to the whole village with the County Broadband offer but the project does require the village to get behind it and commit to taking the service. If we all work together we can bring this benefit to the whole of the village and continue to make Stambourne a thriving and vibrant village that people will want to move to.
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