County Broadband - May 2020

Fibre project news update for Stambourne

A new Hyperfast, full-fibre broadband service that delivers incredible internet speeds that are 18 times faster than the UK average, is expected built in Stambourne by the end of May, by Essex-based provider County Broadband.

County Broadband is funding the network build in Stambourne with a £46million private investment from Aviva Investors, meaning homes and businesses in the village will be able to access some of the fastest broadband speeds in the UK – with broadband speeds now able to reach 900mbps.

It follows a successful broadband awareness campaign run by County Broadband in 2018/19, during which 25% of all Stambourne homeowners and business owners pre-ordered a new full-fibre, Hyperfast connection (
not ordered yet? See how you can get connected, below).

County Broadband’s Hyperfast broadband connection offers significantly faster speeds and broadband performance than the slower ‘Superfast’ broadband services, which other homes and properties in Stambourne still rely on to provide their internet connection.

At the moment although homes in Stambourne may already have a ‘Superfast fibre service’ ‘Victorian-era’ copper phone cables customer’s property back to a green cabinet – a telecoms box - in the village.

Copper cables slow down broadband connections, meaning that the speed available to Stambourne properties at the moment, are very likely to be as fast they’ll get – unless a new full-fibre broadband network is built - which could present problems in the future when new technologies in the home need faster internet speeds to function.

County Broadband’s new Hyperfast, full-fibre broadband service will mean that new cables laid by the company’s contractors and engineers, will be delivered straight into customers’ properties, unlike the slower superfast fibre services, which still partly rely on much slower copper cables.

County Broadband engineers and contracting staff will be working in and around the village over the next few weeks to complete the build and then connect the first customers.

County Broadband is aiming to leave a connection point - ‘a pot’ - at the edge of each village property during the build process, which will enable homes across Stambourne to access Hyperfast broadband – but only customers who have pre-ordered, or order during the build service will receive a free connection worth £225.

 County Broadband is offering three ‘future-ready’ broadband speed packages in Stambourne:

-300mbps (unltd data) – average speed 300mbps
-600mbps (unltd data) – average speed 600mbps
-900mbps (unltd data) – average speed 900mbps
 County Broadband also offers ‘unlimited phone packages’, too
Getting your free connection*:
Until the end of the build works, County Broadband is offering all customers:

-a free connection and free Wi-Fi router (to the value of £225 – terms and conditions available to view on their website) for all residents
- 12 months’ free Hyperfast broadband service to allow any customers who would like to pre-order and take advantage of a free connection, to do so, enjoying 12 months to complete any existing broadband services whilst using County Broadband’s Hyperfast-capable service, free of charge (terms apply)

ORDER AT: to access Hyperfast, future-ready broadband, visit and enter your postcode.
*(NOTE: Pre-ordering the service and taking a free connection means the customer agrees to the terms and conditions and signs a 24 month contract).