This picture, provided by Colin Argent, shows the last day at Stambourne Primary School in 1957.

Next term, all pupils were transferred to Toppesfield.

It is thought the pupils are:

Standing L to R: Mervyn Drew, Albert Ashard, Colin Argent, Roger Unwin then seated: Barbara Alcock, Kay Boughtwood, Lorna Writtle/Whittle, probably Ann Johnson with hair slide showing, (obscured) Graham Alcock?

Middle row seated: Trevor or Terry Boughtwood,Possibly Mary? Johnson, not sure, Jonathan Peat, probably Jane Hasler, Rosemary Alcock

Front row: Elizabeth Drew, Little Timmy (an American), Jacqueline Cook, Terry or Tevor Boughtwood

Piano: Mrs Drew

Standing: Teacher (standing) John Eastwood

If anyone has any more info, please get in touch.