Stambourne Newsletter

Published and distributed by Stambourne Parish Council No 220

PARISH COUNCIL MEETING – Thursday 20th MarchThe latest meeting of the Parish Council took place on Thursday 20 March in the village hall.

Pavilion and Playingfield – The Parish Council are looking to apply for grant funding to carry out some maintenance work on the pavilion and possibly provide some new equipment on the playing field itself. There was much discussion about what would be needed and an application will be put together over the coming months. We will keep you advised of progress.

Highways – As you are all no doubt aware the state of the roads in the village and surrounding areas continues to be a problem. I know I report any highway issues regularly to Essex County Council through their designated system but there seems to be no action forthcoming. The Parish Council are now going to try to contact Highways to see why it takes so long and what the problems are. As ever, please take care on our roads and anyone can report a pothole on and follow the links.

This year’s village fete will take place on Saturday 28 June 2014. After many year’s hard work organising this event Cath has stepped down. Thank you to Cath for all her work running this event. If you think you can help and would like to be involved please come along to a meeting about this year’s fete on Thursday 3 April 2014 at 7.00pm in the village hall.

As you may be aware a committee of villagers have been busy putting together a questionnaire for the Parish Plan. The Parish Plan is your chance to have a say in what you would like for your village. The questionnaire is nearly ready and will be circulated in early April with a return date for end April. There is a youth survey for the younger generation too. Please take some time to fill in the surveys. On return of your completed questionnaire you will automatically be entered into a free raffle with the chance to win some cash prizes, so don’t miss out!


Hopefully, we are past all the wet weather now. However, this is just a timely reminder that the Parish Council does hold some sandbags should you need them in an emergency. They are held by Michael Crago and you can contact him on 0777 9672388.


The Horse and Groom at Cornish Hall End have been busy fundraising to provide defibrillators in surrounding villages. They have generously donated one to Stambourne which will be fitted to the Chapel, Chapel End Way and the Parish Council will be responsible for its upkeep. Many thanks to everyone at the Horse and Groom for this vital piece of equipment which could save a life.

It is envisaged that the equipment will be fitted early in April.


Unfortunately this message missed the deadline for the last newsletter:-

This is to thank you and the parish council for the donation of £150.00 for the Silver Link Club Christmas lunch. We all went to the Harvester in Haverhill and had a very nice Christmas dinner there. So thanks once again from all the members of the Silver Link club
From Vanessa Young

The next parish meetings will be the AGM and Annual Parish Assembly to be held on Thursday 15 May 2014.

Mr Harold Mickley, formally of Finchingfield Road, Stambourne, died on 8 April 2013 at Millard Nursing Home, Bocking. We have been informed that Mr Mickley bequeathed £5,400.51 in his Will to the Village Hall. We are very grateful for his kind thought.

Joyce Jousiffe
Treasurer, Village Hall Committee

Debbie Hilliard
Parish Clerk
Tel: 01440 785629

Services have continued as usual, and we are pleased to welcome Ian and Heather Hay who have recently moved to Stambourne..

Our next major Service will be on Easter Sunday 20
th April 2014 when the Rev. Richard Caink will take a traditional service for the whole family with Holy Communion. This will be followed by coffee, tea, lemonade and hot cross buns. For the children there will be an Easter egg hunt in the Church and graveyard. Last year one child managed to find all but five of the hundred or so Easter eggs!
ATTENTION, ALL DOGS AND THEIR OWNERS. On Sunday 27th April there will be a Stambourne dog walk starting from the playing field car park at 2.30pm. On completion there will be refreshments in the Tower Room of the Church for both dogs and the walkers, including dog biscuits, cakes and strawberries and cream (not for dogs)!

The Rogation walk starts at Little Yeldham Church on 18
th May 2014 at 2pm and ends with tea at Stambourne Church at about 5pm.


It seems like international year for the Chapel at the moment!  We have had three CWM visitors from India, Guyana and New Zealand with us for one Sunday and a missionary to Ghana preaching at the end of March!  In addition our minister has been part of an international visit to Nauru - a small pacific island - with 6 other CWM people from India, Tavalu, New Zealand, Singapore, the Caribbean and Zambia!

And it struck me how international we have become as a nation.  I was in a restaurant in Manchester with our CWM guests and they didn't seem out of place at all!  I wondered for a moment which country I was in, having recently returned from Nauru and Australia!  There were so few English accents around me.

One thing that has come out of all this is that we belong to a world wide Church that is vibrant, healthy and above all shares the same Biblical values that we do.  They speak different languages, have different cultures, think differently and have different priorities, but when it comes to the Bible, we share a common love for God and Jesus and the Spirit, and belong to the same Kingdom.  It unites us so that the most important thing is to "love our neighbour as ourselves" rather than to walk a different road.

What a different place we would live in if all could think that way, but sadly even though professing faith we fall short of that ideal and do things in the name of faith that is anything but loving and caring - Christians are human after all - no more prefect than anyone else!

So we speak out of love, and try our best to be people who will love and care.  But in God's strength and with his help we can do so much more. So over the coming weeks, as we see visitors come and go to our village and as we go about our daily lives it is good if we can remember the love that Jesus had for us when he went to die on the cross - His love for each one of us that we might be forgiven for our failings and be inheritors in His kingdom of everlasting life.  We remember that in our Easter reflections and celebrations - Maunday Thursday, when we remember the Last supper and share in that meal with communion, Good Friday when we remember His death on the cross, and Easter Sunday when we celebrate the resurrection and Jesus rising from the dead and appearing to so many people..

May you have a joy filled Easter time - we look forward to seeing you at our services.

Adrian Burr, Minister

We had a great time cleaning cars on 28th January and £76 was raised for our charities.  Our thanks to those who brought their cars to be cleaned!!
On 8th February 12 budding hymn writers came and had their work scrutinized by each other and learnt more about the art of writing "Songs for the Church to sing".  Our thanks to those who came and provided for us through the day.

On 4th March we enjoyed pancakes with a Polish theme!  Much enjoyed by the people who came and our thanks to Natalia Taylor for bringing all we needed!

Next events
11th April 7pm   NAURU - the smallest republic on earth and with Olympic champion weight lifters!  A talk by Adrian Burr on his recent visit there and the challenges they face for their future.   Refreshments will be provided.

3rd - 11th May    Two Rivers Mission
There will be various events throughout this week in Stambourne, Steeple Bumpstead and Toppesfield and all down the Stour and Colne valleys.  Details nearer the day.  We will be holding a games evening (after school) followed by a Sausages and Mash supper on Friday the 9th May.

30th March    John Cartledge, Missionary to Ghana
6th April   Adrian Burr, Minister
13th April   Franco and Wendy Podlesny
17th April    Maunday Thursday 7pm Reflective Communion Service
18th April    Good Friday 10am Prayer Service
20th April    Easter Celebration at 10:30am  
27th April Margaret Mead
4th and 11th May Two Rivers Mission Speakers
18th May Penny Bloom
25th May Adrian Burr


The hall is available for children's parties (Not teenager parties!) clubs, events etc etc.

Prices are shown below

Villagers pay £15 for a four hour slot
Non villagers pay £25 for a four hour slot

Discounts are available for regular use.

For more infromation, contact Anita on 07717 547855

Saturday 5 April
1940s Night Kentwell Hall, Long Melford
An exuberant evening of swing, jazz, lindy hop and celebrations 1940s-style
Saturday 5 April to Sunday 6 April
Lambing Weekend at Kentwell Hall, Long Melford
Sunday 6 April
Diesel Gala, Colne Valley Railway, Castle Hedingham
Saturday 12 April to Sunday 13 April
Binocular and telescope demonstration, 10am to 4pm, RSPB Minsmere, near Dunwich
Thursday 17 April to Monday 21 April
The 12th Hundon Plough Beer Festival
12pm til at least 11pm all days. The Plough Inn at Hundon
Saturday 26 April to Sunday 27 April
Vintage Vehicle Weekend, Colne Valley Railway, Castle Hedingham
Saturday 26 April
Antiques and Interiors Auction, Mander Auctioneers, nr Sudbury
Sunday 4 May to Monday 5 May
Middy in the War Years, Mid-Suffolk Light Railway, nr Stowmarket
Sunday 4 May to Monday 5 May
Peppa Pig Weekend, Colne Valley Railway, Castle Hedingham
Saturday 10th May
Tuesday 20 May
Suffolk Walking Festival - Historic Helmingham, Helmingham Hall Gardens
Saturday 24 May
Harp Recital, 7.30pm Stoke by Clare Village Hall (The Barn)
Monday 26 May
Suffolk Villages Festival - Bach Mass in B Minor 6pm, St Peter’s, Sudbury


Neighbourhood Watch is a voluntary network where neighbours come together, along with the police and local partners, to build a safe and friendly community.

If you see anything suspicious then call the police to report the incident. If you see or hear of any criminal act that could impact on our community call Vicky Dowling on 01440 785 528 who will relay your message to neighbourhood watch members on the "Tree of Communication" to spread the word.

See for regular updates.


Jumble Sale
Saturday 3rd of May at 2 o'clock in the Village Hall

Entrance Fee 50p Jumble to village hall on Friday 2nd morning or afternoon orin the evening.

We are having a cake stall so any cakes would be very much appreciated.

Any help would be great on Friday or Saturday.

If you have jumble to be picked up please ring Lois Hunter 01440785720

Saturday May 3rd and Sunday May 4th 2014
At St Nicholas Church (C09 3BS) and other venues in Castle Hedingham
The weekend will feature dynamic Bible teaching, thought-provoking seminars,   
contemporary worship, drama and children’s activities for 3-11 years.
Speakers include:
Ishmael (International singer/song-writer, author and Deacon at Chichester Cathedral)
Revd Dave Gardner (Director of Mission, Suffolk)
Chris Hill (International Bible teacher and former Curate)                                           
Godfrey Miller (Former missionary and church leader in Sudbury)
Rev Laurie Bond (Parish Priest and Rural Dean of Hinckford)
Rev Liz Paxton (Curate and management consultant)
Angie Jones (Former Head teacher and writer)
Paul Green (Technology Director, Arkessa Global M2M Solutions and speaker at New Wine Summer Gatherings
The cost of the weekend is £10 per person per day. 16 years and under free. Please contact Sue Southgate at or phone 01787 461638 for further information and booking form. Closing date for booking Friday 18th April. 

Carole Jones of Steeple Bumpstead First Responders requested a list of Stambourne house names and numbers to help with identifying properties when they are called out.

Iain Paterson has compiled a list of properties along with a map to document this.

Please review the information on the two links and contact Iain if you have any changes. These changes will then be passed on to the First Responders to keep their records accurate and up to date.

Iain Paterson
Stewart Paterson Design
01440 785269

It should also be noted that we just invented the house numbers to help the first responders locate each property on the map - and that these are not real house numbers.

A paper map may be put up in the Village Hall for those without internet access.

Dear Resident,

Have Your Say!

Over the past few weeks a committee of residents have prepared a questionnaire for all members of each household in Stambourne to fill out.
The aim of the questionnaire is to reflect the views of Stambourne residents in the preparation of a village plan.  The Village Plan is to produce a framework document that will be used to guide decision making in the village over the next few years.  It is important to involve every resident in our village regarding their own future by allowing them a say in planning and pushing local projects forward.

Supported by the Rural Team at Braintree District Council, we will have the power to address a range of social, environmental and economic issues that affect us all.  If we don’t have our say, when funds are available other parishes will get them and we will not.  The Parish Plan will put us in a strong position to receive grants for the benefit of all Stambourne residents.

The Questionnaire is now going through its final draft and will be delivered to all households within the next few weeks

This is a unique opportunity for your opinion to be aired and to be part of the future structure and success of your village.

We sincerely hope you will take the time to complete the questionnaire when you receive it.

Stambourne Parish Plan Committee


Groups and Clubs for £2 or under per session held in your local Toppesfield Village Hall Something on every day  .....

Mondays - Little Hedgehogs Parent and Toddler group 1.30 - 3.00pm
Tuesdays - Fit Fun Club 4.30 - 5.30pm also  Thursday - 2.00 - 3.00pm now doing Salsacise
Wednesdays Art and Craft club 7.30 - 9.30ish
Fridays - The Golden Chestnut club for the over 50's 2.00 - 4.00pm

Come and join us or if you would like more information about any of the above events please  contact Zoe on 01440-785778


Friday 11th 7pm - The Chapel - NAURU - A talk by Adrian Burr on his recent visit there and the challenges they face for their future.  
Easter Sunday 20th Service in the Church
Sunday 27th Stambourne dog walk starting from the playing field car park at 2.30pm

Saturday 3rd
Jumble Sale 2pm in the Village Hall
3rd - 11th May    Two Rivers Mission – The Chapel
18th Rogation walk starts at Little Yeldham Church on at 2pm and ends with tea at Stambourne Church at about 5pm.

Items for the next Newsletter by 17th May