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Published and distributed by Stambourne Parish Council No 222

The latest meeting of the Parish Council took place on a hot evening on Thursday 17 July 2014 at the village hall, Stambourne.

Pavilion - The lock on the end shed has been tampered with and needs some attention and some diesel has gone missing. This will be dealt with.

Playing Field – Firstly a big thank you to Mick Dowling who spent nearly all day weeding the area of the climbing frame before spreading the woodchips onto the safety surface in time for the village fete. Your efforts were very much appreciated.

We have been looking at replacing some of the play equipment and Sonia has been carrying some research into what could be done, together with how to fund it. Some ideas are in place with a grant application to be completed and we will keep you advised of progress. Thank you to Sonia for the time she has taken to research this.

Highways – As ever the state of our roads is a continuing problem. There are a number of items which Debbie will report. Please remember that anyone can report a pothole at and follow the links.

Footpaths – It was reported that dog fouling is a problem at the moment. Please ensure you clear up after your dogs leaving the paths clean and safe for everyone to enjoy. There are dog bins located at Chapel End Way and Church Road for you to use. Many thanks.

Village Sign – As you may know the village sign was blown down in the winter storms. Sonia has again been working hard visiting potential firms which could provide a replacement. We hope to have more news on this by the September meeting.


The village fete took place on 29th June and all agreed it was a success despite some rainy weather. The hog roast sold out and the Pimms stand was well supported. Thank you and well done to the new committee who worked extremely hard to put on this event.


The public meeting hosted by County Broadband and the Parish Council to look at trying to install superfast broadband to the village was extremely well supported with all seats taken and people standing at the back. The outcome is that a door-to-door survey should be carried out shortly (undertaken by volunteers in the village) and following the results of this a decision will be made whether it is viable to proceed.

The next Parish Council meeting will take place on Thursday 18 September at 7.30pm in the village hall.

Full minutes and agendas are available on the village website

Debbie Hilliard, Parish Clerk

Tel: 01440 785629

We would like to thank all those who bought raffle tickets and kindly donated prizes for our annual Summer Draw.

Winners of the first three prizes were:-

£50 – Pam Perkins
Basket of fruit – Amy Heath
Champagne – Jean Etherington

Joyce Jousiffe
Promoter of Village Hall Draws


The Young person's questionnaire (for young people aged 7 – 17) has been delivered.  If you have not received one, or do not have enough copies, please contact Elizabeth Fall on 01440 785289.


In the last newsletter, we pointed out that at the Visitation on 10th May 2014, the Bishop told all the Church Wardens in the Diocese of Chelmsford that we must expect changes.

At the Benefice meeting on the following Tuesday, we were told by the Rural Dean, the Rev Laurie Bond, that a plan he had understood was still at a consultancy stage had been recently advanced. We must expect to have an expanded Benefice to include on top of our five (Great Yeldham, Little Yeldham, Tilbury Juxta Clare, Toppesfield and Stambourne), another eight parishes (Castle and Sible Hedingham, Sturmer, Ashen, Helions and Steeple Bumpstead, Birdbrook and Ridgewell). This makes 13 in all.

The Rural Dean then got down to what was what we had been expecting, his idea of a joint Wardens Parochial Church Council. We made it clear that we would not be happy with this, and would report it back to our own Parochial Church Council. This we did on 19
th June. We were told by the Vicar that we did not have to if we voted against it.

The role of the Church Wardens PCC must be agreed as far as its obligations, role and power are concerned, and not imposed by so-called consultation!

We heard last Saturday that the first step in the merger of 6 parishes including the Bumpsteads, Sturmer, Ashen, Birdbrook and Ridgewell, has taken place.

We would like to see services in the Church every Sunday but given the situation we are likely to have services on the 2
nd, 3rd and 4th Sunday of every month. On the 5th Sunday there will continue to be Benefice Services. Of course, there will be services in other local Churches but we suspect that we all prefer to go to services in our own church in Stambourne which has been going on for 900 years.

The fact that so many go into the church and leave their prayers in the small book in front of the alter is encouraging, and many people have told us that the feeling of peace in the ancient building helps them in moments of stress, ranging from prayers for a favourite uncle to the death of a hamster. St Francis of Assisi would have approved of this.


This autumn our Rector Barbara Hume will be running the Pilgrim Course from the Rectory at Great Yeldham. This will be a series of six weekly evening discussions to help you discover the Christian way of life using specially prepared booklets.

The course is for people who are not yet Christians, but who are open to finding out more, and for those who are just beginning their Christian journey. Those who would like some form of refresher course are also welcome.

If this would be of interest please let us know

Steven Watkins
Tel: 01787 237699

See the noticeboard for further updates and changes.

Please contact the vicar or either of us if you have any further questions.

Richard Day Tel: 01440 785580
Val Kerrison Tel: 01440 785752
Church Wardens

3rd August 2014 – No service at Stambourne
9.30am 10
th August 2014 – Holy Communion. The Vicar
9.30am 17
th August 2014 – Holy Communion. Rev Richard Caink
9.30am 24
th August 2014 – To be advised
10.00am 31
st August 2014 – Benefice Holy Communion. The Vicar
th September 2014 – No Service.
9.30am 14
th September 2014 – Holy Communion. The Vicar
st September 2014 – No Service at Stambourne.
Benefice Holy Communion Harvest Festival at Great Yeldham
At 11.00am.
Little Yeldham Harvest Festival
28th September 2014 – No Service at Stambourne
Benefice Holy Communion Harvest Festival at Toppesfield
At 9.30am
5th October 2014 – No service at Stambourne
3.30pm 12th October 2014 – HARVEST FESTIVAL at Stambourne
9.30am 19th October 2014 – Holy Communion. Rev Richard Caink
th October 2014 – To be advised


It never ceases to amaze me how many times people say "I didn't know the Chapel was used" or "Where is the Chapel then?".
For the record we meet Every Sunday at 10:45am, Every Tuesday morning for coffee and a chat, every Tuesday evening to hear the band practice, Every Wednesday for prayer at 7pm and several other times for special meetings and events! Where are we? On the North side of Chapel End Way, about half way along the row of houses in a little low bungalow style building with a car park to one end!

On 20th July we celebrated our 352nd anniversary and around 25 people turned up to enjoy a service where we reflected on the plans that God's makes and how they thwart even the plan's of Kings and leaders, of countries and empires, of armies and governments, let alone the plans we ordinary people make!

This is very pertinent at the moment when there seems to be political disagreement in the air with leaders of countries trying to get the upper hand politically across the world. We are also seeing the change in the world order in other ways, such as in banking and financial power, in the groupings of countries who now call themselves allies, and in the rhetoric of so called friendly nations. For instance have you noticed how the biggest lender is now China and the biggest borrower is USA? It isn't many years ago when that was the other way round!!

One thing we know from the Bible is that change is inevitable. What we were brought up with as the stable "norm" in our lives is no longer so. Young people today have many new pressures that older people cannot even imagine - change has happened - and it didn't wait your approval! Some changes we might approve of, but others we might not, but if we sit on the sidelines we cannot affect the changes that are happening around us, so lets get stuck in work for the changes we want to see. It would be good to see hunger and poverty removed across the world, some diseases which we already have under control in this country eradicated, and solutions to some of the health issues that seem to be on the rise in this country at the moment. It would also be good to assure tolerance and acceptance of our differences. I am sure you can think of other changes you would like to see! Answers on a post card please (or come and see me!)

At the Congregational Federation we have a project called "the Congregational Distinctive" which is taking a snapshot of how Congregationalism is different from all other types of church, but accepting of the right of others to use different models of "being church", while still holding to the same basic tenets of Christian belief.

If you would like to know more we can share this distinctive with you as well as the basic tenets. Another way would be to come along to an Alpha Supper on 10th September at 7pm when we will be providing food, a short introductory video and a time of sharing our different views and understandings.

Adrian Burr, Minister, Stambourne Chapel 07983 656166


Holiday Club. BFG (Big Friendly God). Sunday
24th August, Tuesday 26th, Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th August followed by a BBQ at 12pm (all welcome!) and then Sunday 31st August. All Children of rising 5's to 11 years old are welcome to any of the days. Please book your places by calling 07983 656166.

Alpha Invitation Supper
10th August at 7pm (for a light meal followed by video and discussion - you are all Invited - don't wait for a personal invitation, though you may get one of these as well as this general invite!)

Saturday 20th September We will be holding a Harvest Art and Craft Event in September, making Harvest Dough Models. All ages welcome!

28th September is our Harvest Service at 3pm with a Harvest Tea.

SUNDAYS at 10:45am
1st Sunday - Communion with Traditional Hymns
2nd and 3rd Sundays - Mixed worship
4th Sunday - led by REACH worship band

Tuesdays 10-12 Coffee and a Chat. Just drop in!
7:30pm Band Practice

Wednesday 7pm Prayer meeting and Bible study.



Despite the terrible weather the fete was a great success with an unexpectedly good turn-out bearing in mind how cold and wet the day turned out to be.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers who stepped in to help out with manning the raffle, tea, coffee and cake stalls, organising the games, the music and also those businesses within the village and surrounding areas who kindly donated prizes for the raffles.   We raised an amazing  £1,400+.

The 2015 Stambourne Village Fete will be held on Sunday 28th June from noon until late so please remember to make a note in your diaries and ask your friends and family to support the village.  If you feel we could improve things for next year then please help by giving us your ideas and assistance to make it even more successful.
Kind regards,
Vanessa and the Fete Committee

Toppesfield and Gainsford End Village Show

Sat 13rd Sept 2014 2.00pm

Toppesfield Village Hall

Competitive Show Art Exhibition Lots of Stalls
Games Sideshows Grand draw Refreshments

Cricket Match

Old Southendians

2.00 start on Toppesfield Playing Field
Further Info : Ann Read 01787 237464

Items for the next Newsletter by 17th September
Steve Platt Email : or phone 07767 357016