Superfast Broadband in Stambourne

July 2019
Gigaclear delayed yet again
Gigaclear/Superfast Essex have now said that the parts of Stambourne which have been connected to their service should now go live by August 2019, another delay.

County Broadband are still aiming to gather more potential subscribers in order to start their study and subsequent work to bring full-fibre to Stambourne

April 2019

Gigaclear delayed again
Gigaclear/Superfast Essex have now said that the parts of Stambourne which have been connected to their service should now go live in June 2019, another delay.

County Broadband say they have completed work in Cornish Hall End and will work on connecting Stambourne and other villages at some stage.

November 2018
Gigaclear delayed
Gigaclear's plans to provide superfast (up to 900Mb/s reduced from a 1Gb/s service, probably due to the inability to guarantee 1Gb/s) to a small part of Stambourne (Cornish Hall End Road) have been delayed from November 2018 to "by March 2019".

Whilst they have now laid the fibre cable to each house's boundary, they still have to connect to their network, test and "go live".

County Broadband need to get enough people in the village to sign-up for their service so that they can provide full-fibre service to all the village. See here for more details :

BT /OpenReach are apparently going to add an additional cabinet along Dyers End to their "fibre" offering, meaning villagers are likely to get a better service along that part of Stambourne, perhaps up to 70Mb/s, but nowhere near as fast as County Broadband propose for the entire village or Gigaclear will provide along Cornish Hall End Road.

When, (or perhaps if), this will happen is unknown.

This will still be at least 10 times slower than County Broadband/Gigaclear can provide.

Superfast Essex have no details of this but this information was provided by an engineer working along Dyers End to a villager who asked about their plans.

November 2018
have removed their installation fees (previously £230) on connecting new customers to their service.

October 2018
Gigaclear are currently laying fibre optic cables to Cornish Hall End Road, Stambourne to serve that part of Stambourne/Stambourne Green

This is the fastest form of internet connectivity available in the UK and promises speeds of up to 1000Mbps (1 Gbps).

Their plan is to offer this from the end of this year to Cornish Hall End and parts of Stambourne. At the moment, it would appear to be along Cornish Hall End Road / Stambourne Green.

Register your interest with Gigaclear even if you are not part of the initial roll-out at

County Broadband still need 15 more premises to sign-up for their service before they can start building their network to the rest of the village and will be holding a discussion on the 22nd November 19.30 to 20.30 in the village hall

10th April 2018
County Broadband "FTTP"
County Broadband gave a well-attended presentation of their plans for superfast, full-fibre internet connectivity to Stambourne in a meeting at the Village Hall on the 6th March.

See their information here :
County Broadband Fibre and Stambourne proposals

28 February 2018
Gigaclear and County Broadband "FTTP"

Gigaclear have now published their roll-out schedule for connecting homes via fibre-optic cable to their internet infrastructure, so called "FTTP" or "Fibre-To-The-Premises". This is the fastest form of internet connectivity available in the UK and promises speeds of up to 1000Mbps (1 Gbps).

Their plan is to offer this from the end of this year to Cornish Hall End and parts of Stambourne. At the moment, it would appear to be along Cornish Hall End Road / Stambourne Green.

This part of Stambourne is due to be covered under "Phase 3 - Lot 2 - Central North".

Register your interest with Gigaclear even if you are not part of the initial roll-out at

County Broadband are holding an event in the village hall on the 6th March at 7.30 to gauge interest in FTTP for the rest of the village. Please see the leaflet they sent to residents for more information.

17 December 2017

"Fibre broadband" via telephone lines
OpenReach (a BT subsidiary who maintain the network) have completed their work and orders can now be taken for fibre broadband from most providers (BT, Sky, Plusnet, TalkTalk etc etc) to access Fibre broadband in Stambourne.

Speeds will vary depending on how far you are from the cabinet at Hill Farm but even at the edges of Stambourne, they are offering speeds of 15Mbps, roughly a 10x speed improvement from what is available currently.

You don't need to take out a BT contract for this, you can use whichever provider offer fibre broadband in Stambourne. For more information, contact broadband providers.

County Broadband
For those happy to have a dish on their houses, County Broadband are taking orders from houses along Dyers End. This service doesn't need a telephone line and differs somewhat from the usual method of access. It may be suitable for some people.

For more information, see

Gigaclear aim to provide extremely fast broadband to Stambourne, "fibre to the premises". This means your house could be connected via a fibre link, rather than using slow telephone lines as currently happens, even with so-called "fibre" connections (they are only fibre to the local cabinet, at Hill Farm).

We will hear more about this in the next few months from Gigaclear (

27 November 2017

Broadband update November 2017

There is some good news, finally, for the BT/OpenReach upgrade for Stambourne that will provide fibre broadband to some in the village.

Work has been taking place to clear the roadside ducts so that the fibre cable can connect the new cabinet at Hill Farm to the exchange in Ridgewell. This is believed to be the last major piece of work due to take place.

Indeed, the Superfast Essex checker (link below) now reports that some properties in Stambourne have an “early estimate” of being connected by December 2017. This estimate appears to be based on the recent work that has taken place. The cabinet should have been enabled months ago soon after it was installed in January but issues were apparently encountered due to the pipes under the road being blocked.

However, whilst this may be good news for some, it’s still unknown how many people in the village will actually be offered the service as this relies on being a maximum distance from the cabinet. It is yet to be seen if BT or others will offer a slower fibre-based service to those more than a mile or so from it, but hopefully they will as it could still provide a significant speed boost for some people.

More information will be published on between newsletters.

Check your property below, although even if it says “December 2019”, the imminent upgrade of the cabinet may still help your speeds :

27 July 2017

Fibre Broadband (BT/OpenReach)
Unfortunately, there has been little progress from BT’s OpenReach in connecting the newly-installed fibre cabinet to the exchange at Ridgewell. It’s believed the problem lies with the roadside ducts being silted up meaning they can’t install the fibre-optic lines to the exchange. Apparently, they will need roadworks to resolve the situation. Also, it is quite possible that once connected, not everyone in the village will be able to use the service as they will be too far from the cabinet at Hill Farm (the junction to Ridgewell).

County Broadband (fast internet via radio receivers/masts)
A new transmitter has been installed on the church tower allowing people with a “line of sight” view of the tower access. Further information available from .

Gigaclear (
A new arrival on the scene is Gigaclear who claim “
Our ultrafast pure fibre network can bring you broadband speeds of up to 1000Mbps – 33x faster* than the UK average. We specialise in connecting rural communities by installing pure fibre straight into the home – reliable, future-proof and simple to install.and according to Superfast EssexWe are aware that the programme's recently announced Phase 3 plans, working with operator Gigaclear, will also be deployed in this area and may pick up some of the premises not predicted to get superfast speeds

Stambourne will only get these services if people register their interest so please go to “”, fill in your postcode in the “Can I get Gigaclear” and then click “Register Interest”.

This could be a very interesting development as they seem to offer “fibre to the premises”. Superfast Essex say that they will be updating their online maps to include Gigaclear’s most recent timescales in the next few months. More information will be on and in the newsletter as it’s received.

Satellite Broadband
Satellite Broadband is available in Stambourne promising faster speeds than we currently receive via the phone line but there are certain limitations with the technology compared with other superfast/fast broadband which should be considered before signing up. Subsidies are available for those who currently receive less than 2Mb/s speeds.

“Superfast Essex Broadband Champion”
I am the Superfast Essex Broadband Champion for Stambourne, so email me if you need more information ( or view the latest on . This doesn’t mean I am affiliated with Superfast Essex (and actually find them quite frustrating to say the least) but have agreed to distribute information about their plans to the village.

It would be useful, however, to complete their survey (
see here) so that they know about the dire state of broadband in Stambourne and we could be moved further up the queue for improvement works.

If you have feedback to pass on to Superfast Essex about broadband in Stambourne, feel free to do so at

April 16th, 2017
BT/OpenReach are currently finishing the work on the new telephone cabinet that will supply fibre broadband to Stambourne. Their fastest product, called BT Infinity, will probably be offered to those areas of the village that are within a certain distance of the cabinet at Hill Farm where they can guarantee a speed of at least 30Mb/s. However, the “Superfast Essex” scheme, run by Essex County Council have recently updated their likely future coverage of parish and is listing houses further out of the village as being unavailable for Superfast speeds.

I have contacted them for clarification about this and asking if those properties who won’t be offered BT Infinity will be offered a lower speed but still much faster product than is currently available. This is called “BT Unlimited Faster Broadband” and provides speeds upto 25Mb/s using the same technology as BT Inifinity but at a reduced speed due to the distance from the cabinet.

Hopefully, Superfast Essex and BT will clarify this soon and the whole village will benefit from the work they have been doing to bring fibre broadband to Stambourne.

January 29th, 2017
BT have now installed the cabinet at Hill Farm which will provide "Superfast Broadband" to Stambourne.

This involved laying a fibre optic cable from our exchange at Ridgewell and installing the new cabinet, shown left. According to the BT status checker, they will soon be connecting the power and data lines to the cabinet, followed by testing and then they will accept orders. Apparently, this takes up to 4 months.

So, by May or June, people will have fibre broadband available in Stambourne, should they wish to purchase high-speed internet access.

Of course, other options for fast broadband such as County Broadband are still available for those who can receive it, or satellite broadband as an alternative.

However, fibre broadband offers some advantages over other technologies such as those used by County Broadband and satellite broadband such as not being affected by weather and being available to all once the upgrade has taken place. Also, there is no need to install any receiving equipment on the house such as dishes or aerials – all that’s required is a new router, similar in style to the existing ones many people already have.

As mentioned previously in the newsletter, the speed available will largely depending on the distance of your house from the cabinet near Hill Farm but it’s likely that everyone will be able to get at least 10Mb/s, an increase of over 10 times the speed which is currently available.